7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Lemon Ginger Tea

9 Jul

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Philippine Trees, Full of Memories

26 Sep

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Curves at Fireworks

31 Aug

Fireworks is best for me. I am still learning it, by playing around the tab filter. There is a magnificent things to do here especially playing colors on your picture. Original photos quite bores me. So I have to edit and make it more interesting until I got the very interesting part which play a good activity.

It looks great isn’t it. I looks like I draw and paint something online but it is not.

The photo originally is:

I usually edit and enhance photos using fireworks cs5. I don’t have serial numbers and I always look for temporary serials online. I hope you can help me find fireworks cs5 serial numbers.

Annoying Facebook Notifications and Invitations

31 Aug

I have a friend posted a message in her wall asking her friends to stop sending notifications, apps especially games on her facebook account. It is ridiculous because all of us receive notifications everyday and it is inevitable. I respond her to disable apps following https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy > Apps you use > Turn Off. I have never turned off all apps I use because I am into social media and I like to join app especially if there are freebies to join. Anyway, I will get back to her as soon she is okay with it.

Social Media on Twitter

31 Aug

I live in Pangasinan and I have decided to start following people using hashtags Pangasinan, Dagupan, and Dagupan City. I will find out the result of this project as soon as I reach 1500 followers. My aim is to connect with people and share relevant information. Retweets messages that can help promoting Pangasinan, some events happening around, recommendation and others. I have been in twitter, the only thing I need is how to dominate and optimize my links through twitter.

I was not twitting since my wifi modem is down but soon I will. But for now, I will follow and retweet messages. Now, I need a tracker on how would I see my progress.